Strings & Bows

by Various Artists

Released 2017
Danjerus Music & Tune-a-Taco Songs
Released 2017
Danjerus Music & Tune-a-Taco Songs
A collection of 18 traditional holiday carols performed on acoustic guitars, mandolin, violin, cello, bass and hammer dulcimer.
The four musicians on this album are all well seasoned musicians with credits, credentials and recordings that have graced many public radio station programs during their careers. Three of our previous albums, "Bones of a Saint", "Hardtack & Saddlesores" and "A Dreamer's Intuition" are also available on CD Baby.

Now available at these locations:

The Mercantile  - Glendale, Ky

Lincoln Museum - Hodgenville, Ky

Carolyn Jane's - Hodgenville, Ky

Bill's Pickin' Parlor - Columbia, SC